Friday, September 4, 2009

Woodstock Fair

Around our home, the big event of the year, which the kids start talking about many months in advance, is the Fall Fair. In our little town, the fall fair actually happens in the fall (the perfect time of year, if you ask me) - on the Thanksgiving long weekend every year. This means that about the beginning of August, every single drive into or out of town, which all take us by the fair grounds, is filled with such comments as..."I don't see anything yet...that is where the horses will be.....maybe those people are getting the buildings you think it will be coming soon?...Hey - is that it???...Mama, when is it going to be time?!?!?!" You get the picture. So when we got the invite from my sister and her kids to join them at the fair in their town, it was an easy decision. A day out with family, and a perfect warm-up to our fair, which still seems all too far away.

A beautiful day in the sun, and tired legs just in time to go home and avoid the coming storm.

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  1. We love fall fairs...except they seem to come too soon!