Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carrot Fest at Everdale

We spent the afternoon today at Everdale, a fabulous organic farm and learning centre just a few minutes away. Along with a farm market and CSA, regular workshops and apprenticeship programs, Everdale is the site of Home Alive, a straw bale home featuring solar and wind power systems, renewable and non-toxic natural finishes, a rainwater collection system...Today was their annual Carrot Fest - and a great day to visit the farm. We all had fun collecting eggs, making our own ice cream, playing in the sandbox, petting the animals, exploring the maze, learning about seed saving, and in general enjoying fresh air, warm sun, and great, natural foods. Unfortunately I left the visit to the straw bale home to the end, and by that time the kids were too hot and tired to go for the tour. Maybe next time...I would love to take a look around.

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