Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rockwood Conservation Area

Rockwood conservation area is one of our favourite close-by parks. It offers up so many wonderful ways to spend a day...so we don't really need to decide what to do until we get there. The conservation area is on the Grand river, and is the site of an old textiles mill from the late 1800s. Although some of the ruins were fenced off this year (a change since last season) we still had a great time exploring.

Another great feature is the caves - we were not able to venture too far in, but far enough for the boys to feel they had been a little bit adventurous. It always amazes me to tuck into a cave and then come out again and look up - to see how much mass is on top of where I stood just a few moments ago.
In a pinch, a camera flash acts as a great flashlight!!

The river is also great to explore, although we didn't bring fishing rods today.

As an added bonus, just before we left we spotted 2 little brown bats who were resting up for the day in between the layers of glass on the park sign.

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