Saturday, February 11, 2012

Timing Is Everything

Homeschooling gives us a whole lot of flex.  If we try a new lesson, a new concept, a new activity and it doesn't fly, we can wait a spell and try again.  What is wonderful about that, of course, is that the boys avoid the frustration of trying to do something that they are not physically or developmentally ready for.  And once I can get my own 'issues' of what I think they should be able to do and when under control, we are all a lot happier.  In most instances, being willing to wait a few weeks (or months...) can make the difference between something that they ultimately enjoy and excel at, and something that they are convinced they can't do, don't enjoy, and are resistant to work at.

Climbing is a great example.  The boys and I have been going to the local indoor climbing gym on and off for over a year.  William climbs, Charlie watches.  He bounces on the mats, he looks at the ropes, he visits with the other kids, and occasionally he takes a small step up onto one of the bouldering walls.

Today, for no other reason than that he was ready, he harnessed up and went for his first climb.  Right up to the top.  Touching the ceiling, big grin on his face.

Yeah Charlie!!  And yeah Mama for keeping her big, pushy mouth shut...

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