Saturday, February 25, 2012

Science Happens

Just when I get myself worked up into a frenzy about how little time I have been able to spend on 'official lessons' with the boys, they do something so natural, exploratory, and undoubtedly educational that I have no choice but to smile at my lack of faith.

Today William got out his more 'mechanical' Lego pieces and build this little vehicle that has an elastic inside that helps it to push off of a hard surface and project itself across the floor.  Will wasn't happy with how hast (or slow) it went, so he got to work. 

He spent the better part of a hour after that exploring traction and resistance.  Did it go faster with plain plastic wheels?  What if he added rummer tires?  Would gears for wheels work?  Carpet?  Linoleum?  Hardwood?  (Rubber tires on linoleum proved to be the fastest, in case you are interested)

Thank you, oh homeschooling fairies, for a much needed reminder about how kids really learn!

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