Friday, January 27, 2012

Mama Love

William and Charlie are always less than happy when I have to work in the evenings (which happens a fair bit because of the work that I do).  Somehow they would prefer that I work all day but be home at bedtime than to spend all day with them, and be gone for just a few hours at night.  Last night I was working and they had a Daddy night - fish and chips for dinner, watching a movie, cuddles with Daddy in bed.  It always makes me feel a bit sad, too, to miss out on the time to connect at the end of each day.

Tonight when I got home I went in to check on the little ones and found Charlie sound asleep - wearing pajama pants, no shirt, and the pair of mittens that I knit him for Christmas this year.  So wonderful to know that he was thinking of me as I was thinking of him. 

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