Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yellow Fish Road

We've been wanting to do this project for a fact, I have had the materials stashed away in the spare bedroom since May. Today, finally, we invited a friend over, got out our brushes, and hit the streets.

The Yellow Fish Road Project , sponsered by Trout Unlimited Canada, is designed to raise awareness in our neighbourhoods about how pollution through storm drains effects our local bodies of water and the wildlife that lives in them. By painting yellow fish and the words 'rainwater only' beside storm drains on our street, the kids are hoping to remind people that anything that goes down the storm drain (soapy water, fertilizer, oil, paint, etc) goes directly, untreated, into our streams, ponds and lakes. Yuck!

Although the stencil and paint didn't come out as clearly as we would have hoped, the kids enjoyed themselves. They were excited to deliver the yellow fish door hangers to homes, and brushing away the leaves from the drains before painting.

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