Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Rotation

This is one of those posts that offers a painfully obvious to everyone else but me hint. Still, it is always nice to share.

We have a lot of books in our home. I mean a lot. All of this selection, though, leads to a problem. First of all, it can be difficult when you are trying to find that one special book that the kids really, really want for bedtime tonight, and it doesn't matter that it is already 9:45 and Mama just wants them to sleep!!!!!!!!!! Ahem.

It also leads to a bit of book boredom. They see the same books around all of the time, and they start to loose their appeal. So, a year or so ago it finally dawned on me to rotate the books - especially books themed around holidays or seasons.

Today we cracked open our Halloween box full of decorations, stickers, and (of course) books!! The kids were thrilled to find all of these 'new' books, and we spent the afternoon decorating, planning costumes, and doing a lot of reading.

By the way...don't you love it when big brothers help out reading bedtime stories?? And when younger brothers are patient with beginning readers? I love my boys!!

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