Thursday, October 14, 2010

Science Co-op - liquid density

This year, as well as our usual engagements, the boys have joined a science co-op. This group of about 13 kids (ages 4 - 8) will get together every two weeks to play with 'science'. The organizer of the group has arranged for the scientists-in-schools groups from 2 local universities to come and help us explore. We are looking forward to learning about force using crash cars, exploring solar energy, and more topics (that I can't seem to remember right now!).

Today was our first get together, and the kids learned about liquid density. It was a small enough group that everyone fit around a table, and the leader of the group was relaxed, knowledgeable, and friendly. We are so excited that this little group came along - it will serve as the basis of our science 'curriculum' for the year, and will be a nice way for the kids to spend some time with friends on a regular basis.

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