Friday, June 12, 2009

Weapons Day

Today we got together with the homeschool group for a Weapons Day. I know, this is not really the kind of thing that is considered appropriate education for children (certainly not politically correct!) but what the heck...the kids are still worked up after the medieval festival, and are making swords and shields out of anything they get their hands on, anyway. Why not do it as a group? What a fabulous day!! Not only did about 25 kids spend 2 hours chasing each other around the field with foam swords, but some families brought more exciting things to share. Check out this cool catapult (below) that launches water balloons (looks like Jim is going to have a project to work on soon!) Another mother who has a Black Belt in Judo (I think) brought in her Samurai sword and few other weapons. There were bows and arrows, a cross bow, and a civil war rifle. And only one tiny complaint from a grandmother whose grand kids were also playing in the park that day.....

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