Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Humming Birds

We have really been enjoying watching the hummingbirds come to the feeder that hangs just outside our living room window lately. In fact, it is rare that any conversation taking place in that general part of the house is not interrupted by the excited cry of "Hummingbird!!!" at least a time or two. So you can imagine how sad we all were when we found one of our little friends lying on the deck by the window. Our best guess (from the odd angle of its neck!!) is that it flew a little too fast into the window. As sad as we all were, though, it was neat to be able to look at a real hummingbird up close - the photos in books just to not do them justice. Not only that, but my kids now know what iridescent means! We buried it, of course, on the top of our hill beside the robin we found last year, and Sydney, our beloved family cat who dies a few years ago. William marked the spot with a beautiful white stone, and plans to visit it often.
PS - Jim came home today with some beautiful window stickers that look like butterflies - a nice non-scary way to hopefully warn our other little hummers that there is in fact a window there!

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