Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Two Magic Coins

Nothing warms my heart more than the stories that childen write. Here is William's latest masterpiece - Enjoy!

The Two Magic Coins

Once there was a poor shepherd boy. He was mostly poor except for his sheep. One day when he was selling some of his sheep, an old man came up beside him and said “I would like one of your sheep, please. I will give you two gold medallions. They only work once, so use them wisely. Never let them out of your sight and never sell them. Be aware of the rain – never go outside in the rain with your coins, or they will vanish”. The boy said yes to the old mans warnings.

The man quietly went over with the shepherd boy and showed him the sheep that he wanted. It was a quiet little lamb grazing in a field near the shepherds fathers old tree. The shepherd boy gave him the sheep and then he bent down on the ground and he took one of the coins from his little leather sack. He thought of a happy thought, and thought of what he wanted at the same time. He looked up and saw what he had wished for right in front of him. It was a little house with some furniture – one bed and a coffee table, and one pen with all of his sheep in it behind the house. He heard a storm and ran inside. He waved to the old man as he walked away.

The next day an old lady came to the door and asked if she could have one of his coins. He forgot that they were not just regular coins and gave her both of them. She did the exact same thing that he had done – she put the coins on the ground and took some dark magic from her pocket and sprinkled it over both of the coins and then she went away.

The next day the man was there again and he said “How have you been doing with the special coins?” Finally it came back to the shepherd boy – he remembered that they were magic coins. He said sorry and bowed his head. The old man said “It is ok about those coins. Those coins only work once. I wanted you to try them out. Here are some more coins. The little shepherd boy said thank you and the man walked away.

The old man sometimes walked by the shepherd’s little cottage, and sometimes he winked, and sometimes he walked up to the door and gave the little boy some wool that his sheep had made.

By: William (Age 6)

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