Friday, April 24, 2009

Raptor Center

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful birds of prey sanctuary close by and today was a beautiful day for a visit. These birds are all ones who have been injured or are for some other reasons not able to be released back into the wild. Above is an American Kestrel.

Apparently William has the approximate wing-span of a Red Tailed Hawk!

Not exactly a 'bird of prey', but Leopard Frogs are fun, anyway.

This Great Horned Owl has imprinted on humans, and therefore cannot be released. Someone found her as a hatchling, and apparently thought that she would make a great pet. She was raised on bacon and potato chips (her natural diet ?!?!) and was turned over to the center when it became obvious (as if it wasn't from the beginning) that solitary carnivorous birds with huge talons might not make greatest house pets.

Did you know that it is not physically possible for young boys to pass by a fort in the woods without going in?

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