Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bad Lands

Today has been declared "the best day every!!!!" and I have to agree. We went, along with a great group of other homeschoolers, to The Bad Lands (local clay hills) and the kids ran crazy for the afternoon. These clay hills began to form, as I understand it, when local farmers cleared the trees to make the land farmable (is that a word?). Without the trees to hold the top soil in place, it soon blew away revealing the deep red clay soil underneath. Not healthy for the environment, but very fun to explore anyway. It was beautiful 17 degrees and sunny, and we all came home with a nice rosy glow, underneath the layers of clay dust.
I have only posted pictures of my boys here, but there were actually about 25 kids there with us, most of them boys under 10 years old. And the best thing was there were not fights, no injuries, and no tears. Wonderful!!
Charlie and another young girl spend the better part of an hour filling their rubber boots with sand, and became totally filthy in the process, but boy did they have fun. All over the area last night mothers were looking despairingly at the clay dust and grime that they would need to scrub off of the bath tub...............

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