Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Outside it is a grey, wet, and miserable day - the perfect day to stay inside, read a good book, play LEGO (of course!) and bask in the beautiful green of our seedlings that are waiting patiently for their chance to be planted out in the great big world outside. We are still a few weeks away from the May 24 weekend (our usually 'safe' weekend to plant outside) and our seedlings are coming along well, meaning that I have not killed them yet!! I think that this is the 5th or 6th spring that I have started seeds inside, and I have yet to get any of them successfully transplanted into an actual garden. I know, it is sad. I like the idea of calling myself a gardener, but really, that is a stretch. I am a 'throw it in the ground and see what happens' kind of gardener. You know that first beautiful Saturday that comes about toward the end of May? That is the day I get really excited, raid the garden store (because of course, all of my seedlings have suffered a slow and painful death by then), and get all of the lovely little plants tucked nicely into the ground. That is about it. By the end of the day I am tired, and have, apparently, had my fill of gardening for the season. I may on occasion motivate myself to try to dig out the weeds (especially if we are having people over who are in fact competent gardeners...) This all works well, of course for things like lettuce and carrots, but really, as an approach to cultivation it has its limits. But perhaps this is the year. William and Charlie are old enough to help out in the garden (and are the perfect height for pulling weeds) and the 'economic climate' certainly encourages growing our own food. So here's to a fresh start this year - to my own plants started from seed, to a healthy garden, to fresh produce sans chemicals, and to the whole thing recorded with pride on my blog. So please wish me luck, and if you don't find any more pictures of my garden in the future, please take a minute to remember this years' seedlings, sacrificed in the name of my dream of becoming a gardener.

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