Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Junior Archeologists

For Christmas, both boys received some sort of archeology dig set - Charlie's dig was for dinosaur bones, and William's was for gems. They loved getting them out this morning and getting cracking.

We have a bit of a stash of tools from past kits, and they had a blast getting themselves (and the whole kitchen!) covered in dust. The process of digging out their treasures was fun, but we all admit to being somewhat disappointed by the results. The dino bones were very thin, and made of brittle plastic that broke as Charlie was getting them out. Williams gems, which looked to be the size of walnuts on the package, were more like peas, and were all clustered in the middle of the block at that.

I got to thinking that really it can't be that hard to make these 'treasure blocks', so I did a bit of digging myself and I came across this post for a make-it-yourself recipe. I have yet to try it at home, but it is certainly on the to-do list. Not only can we make them for a lot cheaper than we can buy them, but I can add all sorts of 'treasures' inside that won't disappoint.

I will let you know how it goes!

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