Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Diary...

I have to share with you all my favorite 'writing' exercise. This falls into the homeschooling part of things, but it is really so much more than that. I have always loved journalling. I have diaries that I began keeping while in public school, and that have carried me through high school (when I wrote a lot!!) and into early adulthood. Since having kids it has been harder and harder to find the time, and I have really missed getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper. I lamented not having the time to do this one little thing that used to be such a big part of who I am.

Until Grammy came for a visit, that is. Sometimes it takes someone a little outside of the situation to point out the obvious, doesn't it?

Anyway, upon Grammy's advice, the boys now each have a diary for themselves. They are beautiful hardcover books, the kind of journal that I would be thrilled to write in. And they do write!!

Several times a week the boys and I all search out our diaries from their respective hiding spots and settle in for some journalling - me at the desk, William under the desk, and Charlie behind the futon. There are only 2 rules for this time of day - we must respect other people's privacy and look at their pages only if invited, and it is a quiet time for us to be alone with our thoughts and words (they are still working on that one!!). It is truly lovely. There is never a word of protest when I ask if they want to get their diaries.

William is writing up a storm, knowing that no one will be checking his spelling or grammar. I get some time to take up again the writing that I have sorely missed, and Charlie feels so grown up with a beautiful book just like Mama.

Happy kids, happy Mama.

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