Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rock Climbing

I have had these pics around for a few weeks (months?) now, and wanted to get them up here. Our local rock climbing gym has a great drop-in program for kids on Saturday mornings - 2 hours of climbing and games for $5. You just can't beat that. I especially love the way the boys test themselves - pushing themselves to climb farther up each time. William is all about heights (and therefore the ride down, which I think he enjoys most of all) and Charlie is like a little monkey, staying fairly close to the ground but holding on with what seem to be precious few fingertips. It amazed me how much the kids enjoy being physical - seeing what their bodies can do, how far / fast / high they can go. And yet there is such a problem with childhood obesity these day. I could go on, but won't - I feel another rant about 'time' coming on.....

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