Friday, March 20, 2009

Maple Syrup Time!

We headed out today for our annual Maple Syrup pilgrimage.....what a lovely day to be out. I tried to convince William to come to Mountsberg with me again this year to their Maple Town, but I got the look (Man, they start with that young!) and an indignant "Mom, I already know how to make maple syrup!" So do I, but still......Anyway, it was a lovely day to be exploring the back roads trying to find the perfect place to buy my yearly stash.

We came across these three boys selling on the road side, and I couldn't resist. I won't even tell you how much of the stuff I brought home. I don't smoke and I rarely drink, but I do admit to having a syrup problem. The boy on the left was the appointed spokesperson to deal with the crazy lady toting a camera and asking for "just a few litres" - I am sure he lost a bet, or something. Anyway, he was wonderfully polite, and had a lovely accent. He could have charged me a ridiculous amount of money and I probably wouldn't have blinked. We pulled away with a stock pile of liquid gold in the van, and big sticky smiles on our faces.

After that we headed over to visit the boys' Great Grandpa Ed (who we could not see because of all sorts of stomach upsets going around the retirement home where he lives) and to visit the Lego store. The boys love Lego. LOVE IT! It always amazes me how much time they can spend putting little colored blocks together, and the detailed 'creations' that they come up with. Of course the only problem with all of that creativity is that William has a hard time taking the pieces apart again, leading to dozens of space ships, castles, land rovers, robots, etc. covering every flat surface of the house.....

The Lego store is the best of both worlds for us that way - William can build to his hearts content, and I don't have to worry about it coming home with us and taking over the kitchen table, the dresser, the top of the TV cabinet, the bathroom get the picture. I love the look of absolute concentration on his face in this picture - perhaps he is an engineer in the making?

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  1. Great photography. Looks like you are all enjoying spring. Think I will leave the house work - outside is the place to be.