Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring time gnomes

The boys and I have recently changed our nature table over from winter to spring....I thought that I would share a few pics (please ignore the kitchen mess in the background!). We started our table this past Christmas in an effort to counteract the swell of materialism that seems to fill our home each December. This table is a way for us to remind ourselves of all of the beautiful things around us that do not come out of a box. The boys still play with it almost every day, and love moving the gnomes around.

William has been learning how to needle felt, so this little flower garden was the perfect project for him.

The gnome house (which is my favorite!) is made out of a slab of tree trunk cut to about the size of a large dinner plate (thanks to Pop). I drilled small holes around the edge of it about 2/3 of the way around, and then arced fresh dogwood branches over the top to create the shape. I filled the holes with hot glue to keep the branches in place, and voila! Some of the dogwood branches have started to fade a bit now, but they were absolutely beautiful when they were fresh and a beautiful red color. It looks lovely, too, with some play silk draped over the top to make it a little more cozy feeling. One more hint - a large glass bead in the bottom of the gnomes helps them to stand up straight!

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