Friday, October 7, 2011

Worms, Glorious Worms

We have been thoroughly enjoying getting together with some other homeschooling friends most Friday mornings - we go to the local conservation area, volunteer at the food bank or the greenhouse, go on field trips, or work on projects together.  Today, as part of our Roots and Shoots program, we got together to learn about worms.  The moms who put everything together did a wonderful job.  We started out by reading a bit about worms life and life cycle.  Then the real fun began!

The kids all helped to make a vermiculture box,

took a look at how they move,

used a computer-linked microscope to learn about worm body parts,

made their own worm nurseries to take home,

and of course finished everything off with a snack of chocolate pudding topped with oreo crumb 'dirt' and gummy worms.

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