Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I love that by homeschooling, the boys can study what they are really interested in rather than what is deemed 'most important' by a teacher or a set curriculum.  For Charlie right now, what is most important to him is sturgeon.  He was enthralled to hear a snippet of Hiawatha about the great fish and to learn how sturgeon have become threatened on Ontario (and most of Canada), and also what is being done to try to help the population to grow again (at science north, of course!)  Since then, he has been all about sturgeon. 

When our Friday Friends group decided to have the kids present projects about endangered animals, Charlie didn't miss a beat.  He grabbed some FIMO and made models of sturgeon, had me find some photos on the Internet, and got to work on his presentation. He was feeling a bit too shy to present it much to his friends, but sure loved working on it. 

The kids also wrote letters to congress asking for a stronger conservation policy about woodland caribou.

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