Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why To Believe In others - Viktor Frankl

If you ever want to read an inspiring book, read Viktor Franlk's Man's Search For Meaning. I can't remember when I first read it, or how I came to pick it up, but it is one of my favorite books, and I re-read it every few years when I need to help myself get back on track. Viktor Frankl is a Holocaust survivor and phychiatrist who wrote about his experiences in Nazi death camps. He wrote about the differences among his fellow prisoners, and his observations that many of the people who survived in spite of those horrible conditions were not those who were the youngest, physically strongest, or who got more to eat, but rather those who were able to find some purpose, some meaning in their lives. For himself, it was the vision of leaving the camps at some time in the future and being able to share his theories with the world.

I came across this snippet on Ted Talks (thanks, Karen, for the new addiction!) and wanted to share it with you. In it, Viktor Franlk speaks to youth in the 1970s about why it is important to believe in others.

Why To Believe In Others

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