Friday, August 14, 2009

Library Fun

There is something so wonderfully simple and fun about a magic show put on at the local public library. Bad jokes, book-worm disappearing acts, wilting flower tricks, and the piece de resistance, a real live bunny rabbit!!! I love that there are still some children's entertainment out there that does not rely on strobe lights, computer graphics, loud music, scantily clad women, violent battle know what I mean. This show was really about as basic and 'innocent' as you could get, and the kids ate it up. They laughed and laughed, they cheered him on, they bounced on the floor and pointed exuberantly when the magician didn't see the cardboard bookworm peeking out from the side of the book, and they even jumped when the spring snake sprang out of the basket. Really. Even the Moms laughed. Perhaps the best $2 I ever spent.

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