Saturday, August 15, 2009

Charlie Rock Star

I love this picture of my little rock start - Charlie is definately the musical one in the family. I really need to work on exposing him to more music...Since he was a baby, Charlie has loved music. William always wants to hear stories on tape (did I really say on tape?) in the car, but Charlie is all about songs. He loves to 'sing' with others - to hold a note together until both he adn the other person get completely in tune with each other. I love it. As for song writing, I am not sure about that...Here is a taste of what he was singing when I took this picture:

Don't want a guitar made out of grass,
I want to rock and roll,
Rock and roll your head.
We don't want to lose anything at the cottage,
We don't, we don't, we really really don't don't....

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