Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More books for Kenya

A few months ago, we got an e-mail from a friend, Natalie, who was helping to build a small community library in Kenya.  We dug through our shelves and sent over some boxes of books, and then waited to hear any news. 

When we heard that the library was built and still in need of more books, we called in the troops - no one has an excess of books if not homeschooling families.  So Natalie graciously offered to come out and talk to our kids about the library.  She brought photos of the library being built, the community who is making it happen, and of life in Kenya in general.

The kids really enjoyed talking with Natalie about the people that she had met in Kenya, and wrote letters or drew pictures to send along with the books.
But by far, the best part was this - seeing a picture of some of the kids at the new library, reading one of the books that Charlie and William sent over with the first round.
To see more pictures of the library being built, and to get in touch with Natalie if you happen to live close by and have books (or cash) to donate, here is the link to the Tei wa Syana Community Library site.

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