Thursday, November 11, 2010

Science Co-op - Structures

In science co-op today we all learned a little bit about structures. The kids started off with some building of Lincoln logs, and then moved onto play dough structures.

There was a 'contest' to see which team could build the highest free-standing tower

and then an experiment to see which shape (circle, square or triangle) was the strongest by balancing books on top of a paper tube of various shapes to see which could hold the most weight (very interesting!!)

The grand finale was a talk about weight distribution, and the kids all had a chance to stand on top of a platform of Dixie cups.


  1. LOL, Roberta here, love the pictures and cute to see my niece and nephew in the pictures (and I think my brother).

    Just to let you know I read with a burner. At first a little sad to read because of the reminder that I'm not HS-ing any more but then decided to just take joy in your journey!

  2. Glad to give you a smile Roberta!! The science co-op is turning out to be a lot of fun. The boys always look forward to it, although they swear they don't like science....

    Hope you and yours are well!